The territory

The Sobrarbe is situated in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, and its territory extends from the north valleys: Broto, La Solana, Bielsa, etc .; The banks of the rivers Cinca and Ara, and the land known as Alto Sobrarbe, formed by the abrupt lands located between Ara and Cinca and the Sierras de Olson and Sebil. The area has suffered a progressive depopulation due to expropriations for the Construction of marshes such as El Grado and Mediano. Its virgin nature has been maintained thanks to the geographic hardness, conserving the inhospitable and fantastic places like Canciás, Cotiella or Peña Montañesa. Picturesque villages with Monte Perdido as a backdrop, they continue to offer that hauteur flavor in their architecture and popular traditions. Landscapes of abundant oak and oak forests, including the Ordesa National Park, which has been recognized since the 1920s. It has recently been extended with the inclusion of the entire Monte Perdido massif, the Añisclo and Escuaín valleys, and the Of Pineta. As a whole, there are numerous native species, and a great variety of animal and vegetal fauna.

History and Art

Scenario of the most fierce battles of the Reconquest; Disputed hand in hand their territory between Christians and Muslims. The architecture of the area reflects its essence of border territory. Vigilance towers, castles and fortress churches such as Abizanda, Samitier, Muro de Roda or the local capital, Aínsa, and true masterpieces of religious art such as the Carolingian Monastery of Matidero or the churches of Santa María de Buil, San Juan Of Toledo de Lanata or San Vicente de Labuerda, with its beautiful tower of the seventeenth century, or the legendary monastery of San Victorián de Asán, whose influence in the Middle Ages came to encompass extensive territories of Alto Cinca and Ésera.


Traditional incomes, based on agriculture and livestock farming on small farms, have lost importance in the face of new sources of income centered on tourism: hotels, campsites, rural houses or outdoor sports companies generate significant income for the people of the region.